Essence, Themes, and Mantras — Nano- Branding Your Way To A Powerful Candidate Experience – B/E AEROSPACE & PATHWAYS TV

11:50am – 12:20pm

This session will highlight how B/E Aerospace and Pathways went on an “Essence Mining” mission to uncover key “Themes” and employee expressed “Mantras” and how they are used to quickly attract, engage and retain the right people for B/E Aerospace. You will specifically learn:

  • How to uncover the actual invisible infrastructure that exists in your brand and the essence that makes it come alive— your real employment brand
  • What themes and mantras are and how they can quickly emerge as powerful engagement tools
  • Best practices for getting authentic content on a video, easily. (No scripts, no pressure)
  • How B/E Aerospace uncovered hidden opportunities for deeper engagement that changed they way they view employment branding, engagement, and recruiting

Robert Markovic,Global Talent Acquisition Advisor, B/E AEROSPACE
Danny Gutknecht, CEO/Co-Founder, PATHWAYS TV