Alice Melott

Alice Melott is an award-winning strategic communicator who focuses on integrated employee communications and engagement programs, organizational change management, and cultural development. Her work typically addresses the consequences of such corporate events as the transition and transformation of workforces impacted by merger & acquisition or reorganization, critical process and technology implementations, corporate rebranding, or any big change that creates stress and instability.

Alice is originally from New Orleans and made her way to Atlanta three years ago by way of Birmingham, New York City, Houston, and Galveston. She has evolved her global change and engagement communications practice through M&As for Compaq/HP, HP/P&G, and AT&T/YP, as well as major technology implementations for Shell Oil and Coca-Cola.

Today she serves as employee communications, culture & engagement director for YP — the complex $3B carve-out of the print & digital AT&T divisions acquired by Cerberus Capital Management in May 2012. She was hired at the time of the acquisition to develop and execute the transition & transformation communications strategy for its core businesses to help stand up the organization as independent and redefined. Since then, she has built the Communications & Engagement Team to support 5,500 employees in 120+ locations nationwide through broad-based engagement initiatives: employee & pulse surveys, social responsibility & community service, environment & sustainability, local partnerships, wellness, diversity & inclusion, affinity, and employee rewards & recognition programs.

“All I want you to do is change the world.”

  • Company:YP
  • Job Title: Director Communications & Engagement
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