Suzanne Fanning

Suzanne was an early believer in the power of WOM. By connecting with and empowering consumers (even before all the cool kids were talking about WOM) she was able to unleash the power of worldwide brand evangelism to drive unprecedented results for several global companies.

The short list of all the excellent things that WOM helped her do included quadrupling website traffic, tripling POP and online sales, increasing blogosphere chatter by 600%, and significantly increasing net favorability–all within a one-year period. At that point she realized that consumers could market products and brands far better than the most savvy marketers. Her ultimate hobby became finding new ways to help companies embrace the love of their fans, “likes,” ambassadors, evangelists (or whatever you want to call them). She even found ways to involve fans in new product development, customer service, ads, and in-store events.

Fast Company, Ad Age, Forbes, and PR Week have all featured the award-winning programs she helped develop. You may have also read about them in marketing books like How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Brains on Fire, the Secrets of Social Media Marketing , Killing Giants, and Groundswell. She has joined the WOMMA team because she is a believer in the incredible power of the brand/consumer connection.

  • Company:Word of Mouth Marketing Association
  • Job Title:President
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