Kevin Schelp

I love to solve problems. The bigger the problem, the better. As a child, I would constantly find myself trying to build things bigger, stronger, with more intentionality and usefulness. Throughout my career, I’ve worn many hats and learned to speak the varied languages of marketer, programmer, designer, researcher, communicator, analyst, executive, and strategist. All so I could dive headfirst into greater challenges and bigger problems.

It’s no wonder I now lead Breyta, a multi-million dollar consultancy designed to solve problems and drive change. At Breyta we have Big Ideas, and we’re consumed with the possibilities of innovation and user-centered outcomes. Whether it’s the Internet, intranet, mobile, social, or any other digital medium, we don’t just come up with ideas, we execute – because execution is what matters.

If you have a problem to solve, or like talking about possibilities as much as I do, connect with me!

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