Jonathan Bredemeyer

Jonathan Bredemeyer (JB) is the Director of Internal Projects and a Partner for Digital Liquid Solutions, LLC (DLS). With degrees in Computer, Electrical, and Software Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology, Jonathan helped develop large-scale data and software solutions for space products including GPS III, GeoEye2, and SBIRS with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. At DLS, Jonathan and team, combined their experience with a seasoned DLS development staff based both in Florida and California to tackle challenges in the areas of SharePoint, Big Data, and business innovation strategies.

DLS provides both standard and customized solutions and services for large-scale enterprise software deployments. With decades of project management experience in both the commercial and government worlds, the DLS team specializes in delivering high quality, robust solutions to fit low tolerance requirements while prioritizing customer experience. DLS was instrumental with granular SharePoint migration efforts in the Disney environment.

  • Company:Digital Liquid Solutions, LLC (DLS)
  • Job Title:Partner, Director of Internal Projects
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