Jody Ordioni

In her role as President of BRANDEMiX, Jody leads the firm in creating brand-aligned workforce communications that connect employees to cultures, companies and business goals. She engages with HR professionals and corporate teams on how to build and promote employer brands, and implement best-practice talent acquisition strategies across all media and platforms.  She is a frequent speaker at HR conferences and events, and a Judge of ERE Creative Excellence awards.

Jody also facilitates workshops and training to internal recruitment and leadership teams. She has a passion for the latest trends in technology and marketing and has spent her career developing and implementing programs that make the most effective use of both. Her personal mantra is “one brand” and her mission is to integrate recruitment, internal communications and social media to foster a seamless brand experience through the employee lifecycle.

BRANDEMiX  provides strategies, advertising and branded communications for employee initiatives. Their capabilities support the entire spectrum of the Talent Management from Recruitment through Engagement.

  • Company:BRANDEmix
  • Job Title:Chief Brand Officer
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