Jeremy Slavish

Jeremy Slavish is the Director of the Biometrics and Identification Division of the Michigan State Police, which is responsible for many different program areas including AFIS, Live Scan, Facial Recognition, Audio/Video Analysis, Forensic Sketch Artists, Polygraph, Missing and Unidentified Persons, and CODIS.

Prior to this assignment, he was the Senior Executive Assistant for Colonel Etue for over six years, including the Colonel’s previous five years as Lieutenant Colonel over the Administrative Services Bureau. In the Director’s Office, Slavish was responsible for the Project Management Office and Public Affairs Section and provided direction and leadership to all of the different bureaus, divisions, and districts of the Michigan State Police.

Slavish came to the department in 1999 as a crime statistician in the Uniform Crime Reporting Unit. His efforts and knowledge in this area were recognized and rewarded by his director when he was asked to become the project manager and lead the effort for the design and implementation of a statewide facial biometric system. Jeremy spent the next 4 years of his career building and managing the Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP), which has since grown to include over 6 million criminal images and 30 million driver’s license images.

Slavish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University.


  • Company:Michigan State Police
  • Job Title:Director of Biometrics and Identification Division
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