Heather Perkins

Heather Perkins is the assistant manager of Corporate Communication for Welch’s, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of Concord and Niagara grape-based products. In managing the company’s employee communication, she develops strategies to maintain an open, credible environment where employees are engaged, proud and committed to achieving the company’s vision. Her specific expertise includes:

  • Advising executives and business leaders on effective communication strategies
  • Devising and implementing strategies to communicate change, including reorganizations
  • Using two-way communication programs to keep management informed of employee opinions and concerns
  • Establishing and continually evaluating the value of a variety of employee communication channels
  • Leading corporate social responsibility strategies and events
  • Developing and publishing annual report, partnering with executives and leading creative development and production

Heather is based at Welch’s headquarters in Concord, Mass., and supports manufacturing plants in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Before joining Welch’s in 2003, Heather spent seven years with Mercer HR consulting, where she worked in Marketing and the Communication Practice. She managed client projects to improve employee benefit understanding and appreciation.

Heather lives in Nashua, N.H., with her husband, son and daughter.


  • Company:Welch's
  • Job Title:Assistant Communications Manager
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