Hassaan Basit

Hassaan Basit has a biology and political science Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto, and a Master’s degree in Science Communication from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. He also has a Masters certificate in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business.

Hassaan is currently the Director of Communications and Marketing at the Halton Region Conservation Authority in Ontario. His team is responsible for marketing services, corporate communications and PR, graphics services, digital media and community outreach. His department was among the first government agencies in Ontario to embrace social media and launch a formal digital media strategy. His latest project involves community-mapping in Canada’s fast growing and ethnically diversifying city to understand attitudes and engage new Canadians in a two-way dialogue on environmental issues. He has also served as Director of Recreation services, overseeing North America’s third largest ski and snowboard school along with six other conservation parks spread over 8000 acres.

He speaks regularly on the topic of science communication, his preferred subject of choice and his true passion. He also delivers talks on social media and marketing management at conferences and universities. He is active as a mentor to several young graduates in the PR field. Hassaan has a keen interest in academia and research and welcomes collaboration and discussion.



  • Job Title:Director Communications & Marketing
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