Dan Goussy

Mr. Goussy is a business person trapped in IT. After several years and traditional automotive-side roles within the Volkswagen and Audi brands, Dan transitions to more roles that work further behind the “curtain”. From within Corporate Strategy and IT, and over the two decades, his work helped transform a field force from brick & mortar offices to home-office based. He led the strategies and launchs of VWGoA’s first intranet and dealer extranets. And he chaired their first eBusiness Council which ushered in an Enterprise strategy for digital business.

Today Dan manages the service relationship between IT and ten internal departments, as well as overseeing all communications that IT&S needs to send out to an enterprise of over 4500 people.


  • Company: Volkswagen Group of America
  • Job Title:Manager, Business Partner Relationships, Information Technology & Services
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