Bill Chamberlin

Bill Chamberlin currently works as a Principal Research Analyst and Consultant for IBM’s Corporate Marketing & Communications team.

Bill started his career in sales, but has spent most of his career in marketing research and strategy roles. Since 2008, Bill has been advising IBM brand managers on how to leverage social media and online communities. His team helps IBM managers understand how to proceed in the social media, which tools and platforms to use, and what strategic decisions regarding social media marketing should be evaluated. Bill’s expertise lies both in performing secondary and competitive social media research as well as running consultative workshops for teams to help them translate social insights into marketing strategies and action plans.

Bill’s side passion is researching emerging and often disruptive technology trends and business issues. Since 2001, Bill has led an internal community called “HorizonWatch”, one of most successful employee based collaboration communities within IBM.

  • Company:IBM
  • Job Title:Principal Analyst, Market Development and Client Insights
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