Workshop D: Engaging Talent with a Narrative-driven Brand Experience – BONFIRE COMMUNICATIONS

3:30pm – 5:30pm

In an era that is saturated with messages and short on attention, a strong employer brand has the power to attract and move people. Everyone knows how brands function in the consumer world, but many of the same techniques having profound effects when engaging top talent.

A clear and consistent narrative that tells the story of the employee experience, can be the key to attracting the talent that you know you need to meet specific business objectives.

Doing this work takes discipline and skill—but when executed well, a narrative-driven employer brand can be the difference between top candidates being engaged or lost in the shuffle.

In this comprehensive workshop, you will leave with tools to help you:

• Apply the basics of the audience-centric narrative development methodology

• Translate foundational language—including an organization’s mission, vision, and values—into attributes that will guide an employer brand

• Use co-creation techniques to bring employees into the process of defining and sharing the company culture

• Learn a proven methodology for surfacing insights from groups that can become the ingredients of a compelling and inspiring narrative

• Determine priorities, audience concerns, competitive factors, objectives and key messages to make your narrative strategically sound an become the ingredients of a compelling and inspiring narrative

• Deepen the connection between your corporate brand and employees

• Choose the right communications vehicles for launching and sustaining the brand, based on distinct criteria and audience concerns

Preston Lewis, Co-founder & Director, BONFIRE COMMUNICATIONS
Jeremy Morgan, Director of Strategy & Content, BONFIRE COMMUNICATIONS