Workshop B – Authentic Branding From The Inside Out – ECHO COMMUNICATIONS, INC.

10:15am to 12:15pm

If this economic downturn and the emergence of social media has reminded business leaders of anything, it’s the realization of how valuable and vulnerable their brands and reputations really are. A key driver to protecting and building authentic brands is earning the trust and loyalty of employees who can be your biggest ambassadors or worst enemies.

In this interactive workshop you will learn on how your organization can apply best practices in internal branding such as how to:

  • Earn the trust and loyalty of employees through strategic communications
  • Build your organization’s brand and reputation from the inside out
  • Break down silos to improve collaboration and innovation
  • Leverage social media internally to transform employees into brand ambassadors
  • Earn executive support and investment

Workshop Leader: Heath Applebaum, ABC, MCM, Owner and Principal, ECHO COMMUNICATIONS, INC.