Wells Fargo’s “Common Platform and Custom Home Page” Intranet Projects: How To Consolidate 80 Intranet Portals Into A Cost-Effective and Useful Tool – WELLS FARGO

2:50pm to 3:20pm

After the merger with Wachovia, Wells Fargo found opportunities to consolidate a large number of intranet portals into a more efficient and pleasing experience for Team Members. The Team Member Portal Team launched a couple of projects, common platform and custom home page, to streamline content management and maximize the delivery of relevant content for team members. Learn how the team got executive support and Line of Business buy-in to consolidate almost 80 intranet portals into a more cost efficient and useful model and to deliver a common home page to all Wells Fargo team members.

In this session you will learn:
• How SharePoint provides a flexible environment, allowing for “common” items and “custom” items to be tailored to line of business needs
• The importance of having a “champion” for the concept who can understand the different needs of the business and how they can fit into the model
• It’s a journey to make such a major change in the way people look for information on the company website and plan plenty of time and resources to make it happen

Melissa Osborne, Teamworks Product Manager, Team Member Portal, WELLS FARGO

Patty Perkins, Team Leader, Internal Communications Solutions Team, WELLS FARGO