The New Face (Finger, or Iris) Of Biometric Technology: Security Begets Privacy And Convenience – U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE & MORPHOTRUST USA

People are beginning to recognize the conveniences provided by using a secure and verifiable identity through biometrics to access numerous benefits and services. This session will provide you with an overview of how
biometric technology is already being applied in government and commercial environment to improve convenience for customers, including:

  • An analysis of recent polling data on consumer’s acceptance of biometric technology and how it actually protects privacy
  • A look into the future of what opportunities exist for biometric technology implementation and how they will continue to increase public safety and security, protect privacy and offer innumerable conveniences to customers in the future


Scott Shubert, Regional Systems Administrator, Passport Technical Operations U.S. DEPARTMENT
James N. Albers, SVP, Government Operations, MORPHOTRUST USA