Tell Their Story and Others Will Want To Be Part Of It! Using Video and Social Media to Bring Your Internal Brand To Life – CONSERVATION HALTON

Your employees can lend authenticity to your online presence by giving you access to their expert knowledge and they can act as your strongest, most visible brand ambassadors. Utilizing video will express your organizational culture, voice, and tone, all of which are an integral part of your company’s overall brand.

Five social media objectives will be shared during this session:

  1. Lending authenticity to social media content by nurturing the writer within us all—this approach also puts a face to a story, rather than just writing about a ‘government service’
  2. Showing off wins, peer-to-peer, by using public-facing social media to internally demonstrate staff talent and breadth of skills within the organization, and encourage others to do the same
  3. Enhancing collaboration by temporarily breaking down inter and intra-departmental silos
  4. Encouraging personal brand management for both, staff career-development, and organizational recruitment
  5. Boosting morale by overcoming the fear of negativity on social media

Hassaan Basit, Director of Communications