Surefire Strategies To Motivate Your Executives And Employees To Go Digital – Simple, Compelling, And Measurable Tactics–PHILIPS HEALTHCARE

11:50am – 12:25pm

This session will provide you with strategies and tools that will help you show busy executives and employees what digital media can do for them including efficient, hard-hitting, and even some free-of-cost platforms for imparting strategy and vision, for reaching employees globally, and even for high-touch employee recognition.

You will hear about universal applicable experiences of robust and successful digital internal communications campaigns, including how to:

• Demonstrate return on investment – how it is worth your employees’ time & energy

• Determine the right software for the job depending on your own digital-media fluency, your budget, and your audience

• Engage, motivate and address inherent human need for status, recognition, prestige, and attention

• Establish a brand that your employees want to “follow”; maintaining a consistent, authentic executive voice; encouraging two-way dialogue

• Improve, monitor, measure, and refine the effectiveness of your digital communications

• Invest in programs that enable you to get the word out more pervasively, timely, and clearly than via traditional channels alone

Nicole Rutledge, Digital Communications Manager, CEO & Executive Communications,
Philips Healthcare