Informed, Engaged & Productive: How To Deliver a User-Centered Intranet Experience on SharePoint 2013 with the Integration of Multiple Business Systems, NewsGator (Sitrion) Social Tools and Digital Innovation – W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION

11:20am to 11:50am

Among the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) is a growing organization and workforce with three separate intranet platforms, a handful of business systems, minimal use of Yammer and staff desire for a more productive tool. The Communications and Technology teams set out on a two-plus year journey to create ONE intranet experience that would keep staff informed, engaged and productive. The re-design and launch of their new intranet, the Vine on Nov. 5, 2013 has generated org-wide excitement, buy-in and boosted internal communications efforts within ONE platform accomplishing our goal of ONE foundation, ONE voice.

In this session, you will learn how…
• Employee engagement increased with the implementation of the
new intranet
• Executive support will allow for you to get creative and step outside of the box with a more user-centered and modern homepage design.
• Using the native, out of the box SharePoint 2013 functionality to create a dynamic organizational handbook makes information easy to find on the frontend and easy to manage on the backend.
• Leveraging NewsGator (Sitrion) to integrate social networking capabilities “into” your intranet experience is extremely different compared to a “separate” experience on Yammer.
• Hosting a full day of training and immersion to celebrate increased buy-in for the new intranet

Scott Robinson II, Digital Communications Manager, W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION

Rebecca Noricks, Communications Manager, W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION