How To Use Your Digital Workplace To Drive Collaboration, Build Trust, And Transform The Way You Communicate – WALGREEN CO.

9:05am- 9:50am

In the Fall of 2013, Walgreens began rolling out its new social intranet, “The Wall.” In this session, the Walgreens team will take participants “behind the scenes” and “behind the firewall” to see how the new tool was developed and rolled out, and is already demonstrating business value. They will also share some of the most important lessons they learned along the way.

The Walgreens story will help you understand how to:

  • Build (and sustain) the business case for an enterprise social network.
  • Gain executive and stakeholder buy-in by proactively addressing key questions.
  • Determine whether using the word “social” in talking about your project makes sense in your organization.
  • Build partnerships across the company, which is vital to the success of any intranet initiative. You can’t launch a social intranet in a silo!
  • Understand the importance of “strategically experimenting” during your journey.
  • Learn why aligning your community management and content strategies is critical to achieving success.
  • Start small and leverage digital workplace champions and employee communities to build momentum and refine your strategy.
  • Introduce new communication vehicles and more fully leverage the vehicles you already have.
  • Focus on the key metrics to measure the success of your intranet, and see how the metrics you focus on change over time.
  • Give employees a place where they can become better informed and connected, and of course, engaged.

James Warda, Internal Communications Team Lead, Corporate Communications, WALGREEN CO.

Chris Catania, Online Community Manager, Corporate Communications, WALGREEN CO.

Steve Cohen, Content Manager, Corporate Communications, WALGREEN CO.