How to Use Journey Mapping to Understand Employee Experiences: Gaining Insights into Levers that Improve Delivery of the Brand Promise – CISCO

3:40pm – 4:10pm

How does understanding the work experiences of our employees provide a picture of our culture? How can improving
the employee experience ultimately improve customer and partner experiences? What is the source for brand trust and brand loyalty that propels our business, defines who we are and how we should act?
During this session, you will learn the methodology and study of employee experiences at Cisco to show how:

  • Narrative inquiry reveals deep insights into employee emotions and opinions
  • A comprehensive set of touch points provide references for personal storytelling
  • Insights gained from the interview tools provide a base for future studies
  • Socialization of journey mapping insights stimulate deeper engagement across the organization to address improving experiences and solve real problems

Mike Sanchez, Senior Manager Brand Strategy, CISCO