How To Build A Bridge Across The Generational Gap: Understanding Generational Context To Help You Effectively Communicate With Your Teams & Your Employee Base–CHILDREN’S HEALTH SYSTEM OF TEXAS

3:00pm – 3:35pm

Each team and workforce succeeds based on the combined strengths of the individuals within it. However, sometimes people from different generations communicate and function very differently, causing tension and divisive gaps. This engaging session will educate you about the generational context that impacts the current workforce and how to use these differences to create a stronger, more perceptive and more aligned team, including how to:
• Define the four distinct generational groups employed in today’s workforce
• Understand the motivating factors and working styles of each generational group
• Develop a plan to utilize the strengths of each generational group to promote team success
• Communicate holistically to a team or workforce that is made up of distinct generational groups

Rachel Butts, Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Children’s Health System of Texas