Engaging, Energizing & Aligning Your Employee Engagement With Business Priorities – VIGNETTE , DECKERS OUTDOOR CORPORATION

Vignette (and UGG) believe there is real value in old fashioned face-to-face communication and hearing messages direct from leadership. Events are an opportunity for building relationships, deepening engagement, and an opportunity to inspire employees to incorporate the overall internal brand strategy. Teams are left engaged, energized, and aligned with business priorities. The results are increased team engagement metrics and a post-conference bump in sales.

Learn about UGG’s critical factors and key measures of success in using an event to build a workforce of brand ambassadors, including:

  • Choosing a location that supports your organization’s brand values
  • Creating an internal brand identity for the event
  • Team building events that support the company mission
  • Using the best assets you can find — to work with limited budgets, we partner with Marketing and Store Visual Design teams to repurpose high-end assets targeted at consumers for event assets

Mike Lepis, Creative Director/Principal

Carma Caughlan,Global Communications Manager,