Enabling Employees To Effectively Converse And Collaborate In The Digital Age— And Reap The Benefits For Your Organization – IBM

In today’s digital world, the employee and the relationships and conversations that employee has in the digital space is defining your brand. Because of this, we need to ensure that our employees have the tools they need to reach out so that they can effectively participate in it: from conversing about topics they are experts in, to relationship building, to globally collaborating on projects with other employees, partners, clients, peers, and the general public. The more digitally active your employees are both inside and outside your company, the more current, credible and responsive your company will be viewed.

Using examples from IBM, you will learn lessons on how to:

  • Enable employees to build and share their expertise inside and outside the company
  • Generate, aggregate and promote social conversations of interest to your company
  • Create a globally collaborative employee culture both internally and externally

Kevin Winterfield, Social Systems and Digital Influence, IBM