Emerging Biometrics: Future Directions In Identification Technology – FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION

This session will get your mind turning by delving deeper into the following areas of:

  • Human beings, through their normal day to day activities, produce and leave behind a variety of persistent identifying traces including fingerprints, DNA, scent, handwriting, images, sounds and other biometric indicatorsIncrease employee engagement both online and offline
  • “Strong biometrics”, (for example fingerprints and DNA), are sufficient by themselves to positively
    identify the person who deposited them
  • “Weak biometrics”, while insufficient for positive identification can be combined and used with other information to identify individuals with high likelihood
  • Advancing technology and emerging mission needs new modalities; beyond the traditional fingerprints, DNA, iris, and face images hold significant promise for identification, verification, access control, investigative and intelligence applications
  • Future trends of user centric biometrics – for the first time in history consumers are not just adopting and reacting to technology but are driving the development and marketing

James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION