Developing Your Internal Brand Communications to Engage and Unite a Globally Dispersed Workforce – URBAN ADVENTURES

Urban Adventures, one of the world’s largest day tour businesses, has a unique set of challenges when it comes to internal branding. As a start-up, franchise-style business, one of the major advantages to the way Urban Adventures is structured is that all tours are operated by local partners in each destination. While this globally dispersed set-up is highly advantageous to customers, it’s a challenge in terms of internal marketing and branding, since no one is based in the same city.

During this session, you will hear about the strategies and tactics that have helped to unify a globally dispersed (and somewhat isolated) workforce at Urban Adventures, including:

  • Using digital platforms and social tools to unite partners, fostering a supportive environment, and prompting engagement across all levels of the organization
  • Implementing an internal and external brand re-assessment
  • Employing annual conferences as a way to engage, educate, communicate, and unite partners
  • Identifying suitable mediums for high level brand communications, including weekly updates and brand guides and documents
  • Leveraging increased internal engagement to enhance external marketing strategies and projects

Lindsay Young, Digital Marketing Manager