Creating A Fully Engaged Workforce That Will Result In Powerful Brand Reputation And Customer Satisfaction–SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

11:35am – 12:10pm

Southwest Airlines is known for its fun and “LUVing” Corporate Culture. A fully engaged workforce is an essential
ingredient for a positive reputation, and bottom-line results, while culture is one of the most powerful elements that can impede or enable change. This session will provide you with a glimpse into how Southwest Airlines uses a variety of communication tools to shape their culture, motivate change, and engage employees, including:
• Exciting new ideas to energize your employees—all on a minimal budget
• Opportunities to communicate to your entire employee group—whether you have a highly mobile workforce or one with daily computer access
• Learn how “Vision” and “Purpose” can’t just be words on paper, but can come to life through storytelling.

Katie Coldwell, Communications Director
Southwest Airlines