Chairperson’s Welcome & Presentation – Harnessing The Power Of Co-Creation: How To Use Crowdsourcing And Emerging Media To Engage Your Employees Enterprise-Wide – BONFIRE COMMUNICATIONS

8:30am – 9:15am

One of the most powerful catalysts to engagement is the process of involving your employees in the generation of ideas that address your organization’s most pressing challenges. By opening up these important conversations, individuals feel a part of—rather than on the sidelines of—the true game of business.

During this informational session you’ll be led through a series of pointed inquiries, facilitating breakthrough thinking and leading to significant improvements in both your employee engagement and leadership support, including how to:

  • Position communications as a catalyst for co-creation
  • Build a holistic engagement strategy, supported by multidisciplinary communications
  • Use emerging crowd-sourcing technologies to drive engagement efforts

Preston Lewis, Cofounder & Director of Business Development, BONFIRE COMMUNICATIONS
Conference Chairperson