Using Your Employees’ Voices To Break Down Silos, Nurture Brand Ambassadors And Achieve Your Strategic Objectives Through Internal Digital Communications – CONSERVATION HALTON

10:30am – 11:00am

The ability to communicate, engage, and gain the trust of your staff is of vital significance. Engagement needs to precede the development of strategic objectives, and using internal communication tools, including your intranet, are the best engagement tools available to you. Learn how to leverage your internal digital communication tools to help you:

  • Identify your employee brand using your company’s owned media, including an intranet platform to strike up a conversation with your employees, define your employee brand, and increase engagement
  • Identify and promote internal brand champions, people who will sign your pledge, and motivate others to do the same
  • Get everyone pulling in the same direction – how to reconcile your differences, unique challenges, and diverse skills, with common objectives
  • Create a Strategic Communications Plan for your organization that becomes a living document—embraced by all and aligned with personal, departmental, and corporate goals


Hassaan Basit, Director, Communications & Marketing CONSERVATION HALTON