Articulate And Implement An Employer Branding Strategy As Part of Your Talent Acquisition Framework: Discover How A Major North-American “Hidden” Company Has Developed Its Attraction Strategy – UNI-SELECT

3:05pm – 3:35pm

For most organizations, the biggest challenge is to influence the perception of the employment experience. But what should you do when your organization is not well-known as an employer of choice, identified to a glamour industry or
represented in many locations and countries through different brands?
Hear how Uni-Select, a North-American automotive parts organization employing 6000 people successfully implemented a robust strategy from the early stage to determine how to:

  • Focus on the main constituents of winning employer branding strategies
  • Define the space allocated to each employer branding component as part of your global strategy
  • How to convince your upper management to invest big money in social networks like Linkedin
  • Select who to involve in your project, and how to manage change, and measure your success

Arnaud Kermouche, Manager, Talent Acquisition, UNI-SELECT